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Saturday 11th November 2006

Found some old photos and banged them online, might take you back a few years....... I miss the old days :(

Tuesday 29th August 2006

Apparently some bands played in a field in Leeds over the weekend, some photos found their way into my inbox....

Friday 11th August 2006

Beryl's Birthday party last night, we had some great laughs and some hardcore drinking games, everyone really enjoyed themselves. Few photos as a memento.

Friday 28th July 2006

Another night out, another lose. This time it was Duncs, Matty, Greg, Warren and my good self, we actually met Biggs and his pub crawl team along the way but there is no photographic evidence of it, maybe they just werent photogenic enough ;o). Anyways, check the photos one time.

Just thought I would bring out a photo from the archives, during the late 90's 11 men dominated the pub football leagues, below is a photo on a Sunday morning after another presumeably heavy night around the finest bars Liverpool has to offer.

Top Row: Nicky Monaghan (my little bro), unknown, unkown, Lewis, Wozza, Little Paul

Bottom Row: Robbie, Moi, Mark Lindsay, Craig Monaghan (my cousin), Crazy Mad Andy

Sunday 16th July 2006

Had a great laugh over the weekend, met up people I knew in Leeds, plus some of the Liverpool massive went down and got the partied started, I even bagged a hot date... Check the photos one time... Dan Boulger also took a camera and has kindly supplied some more photos. Check them.


We wondered why we hadnt seen much of Duncs over the last month or so, turns out he has been training with his people.

Saturday 1st July 2006

Apparently there was a car show on in Birmingham yesterday, I have received photos of the event, see if you can spot anyone we know.


Monday 12th June 2006

All pictures from Oz now uploaded on the Australia page.. go check them out!

Wednesday 31st May 2006

I am home now... Australia is behind me, jetlag hasnt kicked in but maybe thats because I still feel a bit groggy from the lemonades I had yesterday with my Bro and some mates..... The pics are currently being sorted and all I can offer is the first batch of pics from Singapore on my way out to Oz..... Check them here.

All the photos will appear in the Australia section from the top bar, keep checking there for more updates! All the old news articles that were on this page can now be found under News from the top menu.

Sunday 30th April 2006 - 01:24

Getting excited now, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.... leave for the airport in 5 hours.... aiming to stay up til then so I am sleeping on the plane, 13 hours is a long flight, I am aim to sleep as much of it as I can. Spoken to Todds now so my nerves have eased a lot, driving down the east coast alone wouldnt have been as enjoyable!!