Friday 28th April 2006

Had a great night out to celebrate my leaving and birthday a little earlier. Photos are ready for your viewing pleasure! Thanks guys your boss la! :)

Saturday 22nd April 2006

Another great win for the Red men, knocked the chelski out of another cup! Check the photos out.

Sunday 9th April 2006

Another wild night out, this time for Pennys birthday... check some of the photos out.

Saturday 8th April 2006

I have put a new section for Australia on the menu at the top, I will put all things Oz in there, my itinary, Todds pictures etc... check it out now as I have a few photos from big bad Toddbat!

Monday 3rd April 2006

I just got stuck in a lift.... here is a video of the ordeal.

We all know Wozza is amazing.... here is the proof.

Sunday 26th March 2006

Its both a Happy and a Sad day today.... Firstly Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers, hope your all pampered as well as you deserve too! The sad news.... Todds left us today for the great outback... Look out Australia cos todds is on his way! Good luck mate... If anyone wants to email him, then drop me a line and I fill forward messages/emails to him

Today I thought my room needed brightening up, so a picture of the lads needed to go up on the wall..... I used a great program called the Rasterbator, despite its name its a great tool which can be found here. Here is what I produced today.....

The Lads!

Nice eh ? A close up..

sexy face

Thursday 23rd March 2006

Its a sad day... Todds is leaving us for a year to live it up in Australia! Check the pics of his leaving party HERE.


Its snowing outside! Gotta love it...

Not long til I go to Australia now... flying out on 30th April with a nights stop over in Singapore!


Some time in February we got drunk in Duncs house.... Check them

Thursday 26th January 2006

Party time in Morecambe then onto Lancaster to celebrate... PARTY.... check the photos... Steve got a new job, Well Done Son!

Sunday 15th January 2006

Wozza finally got his haircut (the hippy!). Duncs took a few photos to commemorate this occasion.



I hope you all have had a good year and looking forware to all that this year has to offer you all, we saw in the new year in good style, have a look at the photos to see what you missed!

Saturday 17th December 2005

Biggs Christmas Party Photos from some random persons camera. Here are some more photos...

Tuesday 13th December 2005

CIS party

Thursday 7thDecember 2005

Krazy House lose... check the photos and Nickys photos

Saturday 2nd December 2005

JMU night out... ! Check the photos and watch my skills at getting beat by the boss playing Air Hockey (5mb) and a view round the table in el machos

Wednesday 16th November 2005

You gotta love the raz.... check the pics one time

Saturday 5th November 2005

Its always explosive on bommie night, we had fun in town but in the end we ultimately lost as usual.... check the pics one time

Friday 4th November 2005

Its been a long time since my last confession, mainly because I havent had a camera and have been lazy, but another night out, another lose! Went to see The Subways last night who were brilliant, well worth a watch for anyone tempted! Then on to the Krazy Horse of Lose, have a look at the pics...


Friday 5th August 2005

Its another lose.... check the pics

Duncs (Eugene) survived another eviction..... will he win it ?

Wednesday 3rd August 2005

Its a month since my last update.... Andrew Rose's Birthday today.... followed by a night out.... have a look at the photos...

interesting... is Duncs now on Big Brother ?

Saturday 9th July 2005

Kieron and Joanne married today, Congratulations to you both... hope you live a long and happy life together! (good song Jo) I have a few photos from the function but the rest are from the night out.... Check it one time!!!

Friday 1st July 2005

Duncs and Dan went to Birmingham to see Max Power Show... they took a few photos... have a look

Friday 17th June 2005

Just got back from Holidays on the beautiful island of Majorca staying in the quiet town of Magalluf.. Took a couple of photos.....

I also rode a bull with a beauty while i was their, but suffered an unfortunate accident. Have a look at the video (8mb)

Saturday 29th May

Kieron has a new house now with Joanne, we went round for a moving in party, fancy dress style, some of us got drunk, have a look at the photos.

Wednesday 25th May


Monday 23rd May

Not long til our hols now.....

Sunday 22nd May

Happy Birthday Michael Biggs, officially 1 year older!

Sunday 8th May

Week is over... Birthday forgotten about.... BUT ITS NOW JUST OVER 3 WEEKS TIL WE GOT TO MAJORCA!!!

** New website out check it one time you might see some people you recognise **


Saturday 7th May

NEWS JUST IN... I think Duncs is gay, last night he was spotted with a tranny, luckily i was too drunk to see/care. He also drinks Budweiser!!! Whats this world coming too.....Maybe I should worry about sharing a room with him in Majorca ;)

Friday 6th May

My night out, it was all win, check the photos here. and they say binge drinking is a problem.... I remember having in this order.... can of carling, can of cider, shot of sambuca, baileys... then to yates... 2 double jds and coke.... off to town.... it was then 4 pints of stella in leos casino. Mathew street next..... 1 chilli vodka, 7 flavoured vodka, 1 super poison type aniseed shot, 1 tequila, 1 gin, 1 nasty plain vodka, bottle of sol, double jd and coke.... then it became a blur :\ 35 units of alcohol is nothing I suppose !!

Tuesday 3rd May

Oh what a night, We're all off to Turkey.....We're all off to na na na... Biggs and I enjoyed a nervous night of Football from Block MF of the Anfield Stadium.... Jamie C again was the rock in our defense along with the mighty Sami, Jimmy held the left brilliantly and some blindly runs from Stevie Finnan. All in all we're happy and we're off to Istanbul!!!! Have a look at some of the photos we took along the day/night/morning..... I had to celebrate such an event didnt I ;o) . The Stadium was buzzing after the win, click here for a video of a few mins of the electric atmosphere that we were part of!

A new sports bar opened near Victoria Street last night, so we had to visit, the Wozza won a years free booze for winning the pool competition!!!! Have a look at the photos of the night....


Tuesday 5th April :- Liverpool v Juventus, well done Liverpool 2-1 aint half bad... check out some pics of me and biggs there.


Biggs just got back from AussieLand this Wednesday, here are the pics he has so far gave to me, all be them very disjointed and blurry ;) Click HERE to see them.

Just found this picture of me and duncs back in 71

Friday 18th February 2005

Duncs and Mattys Birthday night out at Ego's + town was a good night, take a look at the photos.

Dan famous peoples elbow video, get it here.


28th January 2005

Just got back from Andorra 30 mins ago... have a look at the snaps... Andorra 2005

Madmont snowboarding video, click here . | Wozza snowboarding video, click here . | Watch me talk drunk here . | Watch me snowboard some more here .

** 2005 **

24th December 2004

Night out in the towers, check the pictures... Merry Christmas

15th December 2004

JMU night out... all lose!

26th November 2004

Ciao apartment... we will miss you

20th October 2004

Bye Bye Levi, take a look at his leaving party pics

15th October 2004

Yes another Krazy house lose.


19th September 2004

Oh well its all over, Todds and Woz are now 24 and the night out was a bit disapointing for them both, the night was a drunken success until we reached Norwegian Blue when the bouncers threw Todds and Rosie out (ok so they just told Rosie not to come in), due to them being abusive or some shit, so we left (with me and todds leaving behind a near full pint of Fosters!!!). Todds then left with Rosie and I went for a chinese with Kelly and Woz, night over! Going back a few steps, quick synopsis of the evening, everyone arrived at mine for 8.30-9.00pm, we drank shedloads, did some beer bongs with Todds and downed some very nasty looking drinks.... Its 8am the morning after and my hands are shaking with the booze still running through my system...

Check out the pics of the night | Watch us down a pint (3.44mb) |Watch us do a beer bong (2.7mb)

Have a look at the Aftermatt photo..

Finally.... Happy Birthday Wozza (1mb)

....dont forget michael finnigan..

15th September 2004

Summer is over now, have a look at a little clip Matty made to celebrate the Summer of 2004

4th July 2004

Rosies birthday night out was a great success, he was very hammered and the bouncers wouldnt let him into Lago's as he was a bit too pished, his hopes slightly dented he staggered up to the Blue Angel and got more drunk than a wasted skunk. Behold the photos:


Send me some pics so I can add them to the site, I know you all have loads I can add!
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