During a usual mundane February Half-Term, Mont, Todds and Warren decided to spend the week for a skiing holiday with Big Bad Duncs who had spent the last few weeks there as part of his uni course ( pisstake I know ;oÞ ). Well we got up there jumped into the house we had rented for a week to be greeted by this fine antique tapestry thing hanging up on the wall, I will let u draw ur own conclusions from it ;P

Bayeurx oooh err

At least the kitchen was fine anyways, Todds took a particular interest in the kitchen and spent vast amounts of time there, one particular he woke at 6:30 am and decided to make our brekkies, 6 people were there ( Emma and Dave from Leeds came as well), todds had beans, sausages, bacon and bread for toast, plus he had black pudding or something similar, anyways at 9:30 we were waiting to leave for our first day up the mountain, but the brekkie wasnt quite ready! Dont ask me how or why but we ate it and scarpered.

Very nice I know! Look to the left u can see the edge of the tapestry thing ;)

The weather was quite cold up there, very windy, but for the first few days we didnt catch much on the snow side, but mid-way through the hols we woke up to see a nice sprinkling of snow everywhere! (Oh yeah thats our cabin in front of me car!)

Our house.....at the end of that row...... in the middle of no street, sod it it doesnt go!

So we thought it only right to draw stuff in the snow! Sublime Directory was the first thing that came to mind, quite innocently though!! ;P

Sublime Directory - Its a lifestyle!

After we went for our first down-mountain-activity (we couldnt really call it boarding) we were in too much pain to try the next day, so me, todds and dave decided on a trip round the local sites, so we went on a short trip up to some Castle which is allegedly famous for some kind of film or something, and some king sat in it years ago ???? It wouldnt do much good though its only a Lake, so it couldnt really be invaded by the water??? I dont know I mean they are Scottish there aint much to do up there so I suppose you need to pass the time somehow!

I'm the king of the castle and your a dirty lepor!

Our next stop happened to be Loch Ness, we took this picture quite innocently but when I got it developed, I notice something strange in the water............


We returned late evening during a heavy snow shower to find everywhere covered again in snow! (This was the view from the back door of the cabin)

Snowy Snowy Night, Stay close to meeeeeeee..................

Being the crazy devils that we are, Me and todds decided on a trip to the local nightclub CROFTERS, after some crazy buildup of which you will have to consult the video action from that night!!!!!!!!!!11

Yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvveeeeee Been CROFTED!

The next day Duncs and Warren adandoned us as there wasnt room for everyone home in me car so they got the National Express Coach from town, leaving the Todd Monster and me alone for one last evening, as there was jack shit to do, we went insane, here are some pics taken throughout the evening..........

Nice Artwork


You cant see me.........

Guess Who?



Hehehehe hope you enjoy...