Ooohhhh a long time ago, Ok Last Summer, Four Guys went to The find Balaeric Island of Kos over there in between Turkey and Greece, and here is their story....

You lookin at me?

Time to go boys, no turning back now! - Put the gun away Wiggz its just a camera!

This is what we see from our balcony...

Ooooohhh What a lovely bag

Like my new handbag?

Come on over and drink with me!

Pucker up baby

Gizza kiss!


Can you beat those teeth? :o)

hmmmmm nice

Such table manners :oÞ


Awwwwwww arent they nice


Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh there's a spider!!!!!!


I am gonna be sick.......

hmmm Aftershock

We don't like aftershock...

hey hey hey look at me

Look at Duncs alone with 5 lovely women!

Remember these?

Maybe its because I'm a Londoner, that I love London town......


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