Well then... the date was Thursday 20th March 2003... It was set to be a good day... Ticket booked for quarter final with Celtic, coughed up £28 plus 2 european stubs for ticket to see the game... grr what a mistake... The atmosphere seemed great

Mont = Win , Liverpool = Lose , grrrrr

See how happy I look ? :o) The crowd were all happy, the mood was good, the kop then showed up a message im mosaic:

You'll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool may walk alone if they put such a lack of effort into any more games soon.

Loads a fans

We even got to see Gary Lineker:

Walkers Crisps ?

Took a little movie round the ground as well, take a look (3mb)

Thats the end of that!

Now onto the Krazy House:

Me and the Roo creature thought it would be good to get sloshed and go the shitter...actually it was all pre-meditated and we planned on meeting up with boys in town... woz had no money (as usual!) well, he had £8 but that was to pay his way in and home with some food... leavin him with nothing to buy drinks with... yet he was as pished as usual, but will tell you how in a minute. We started preceedings almost without question in ca va for the usual tequila, for once not with the Toddbat as it was unfortunate enough to be in work.

One Tequila, Two Tequila, AIDS!

Dont Andy look ghey ? ;oÞ. Anyways the tequila was washed down with some lovely vodka and mixer, just so happened to be coke this time. We then left and outside I showed my opinions of that night so far....

W I N !

With only warm up drink down us we headed off to the shit-house as the Roo took ages fixin its hair (damn poof). Anyways once in the house it was time for lovely alcopops..... Roo then dissappeared and ToddBat arrived....

I am ghey

Here we see him at the bar askin for 2, yes 2 glasses of lemonade :o).

I lose

It was straight toDaytona for the batboy himself... it goes without saying that he must play some Daytona before the night fully kicks off... beer in hand..usually the nasty Newccie Brown but tonight it seems he went for the lighter option of the miller!

Duncs and WozGhey arrived then :o( Duncarina then proceeded to tell us of his previous nights re-enactment of the ever popular 'fight club' series with a tiny scratch on his neck and little graze on his poor lickle head ;o)


Bless..... Warren then pretends to neck some drinks (wonder if he was bought them?)

Drink ? Who needs money !

The drink then leads Warren to violate poor todds, much to his delight, but Duncs trys to avert the camera with promises of shooters from baa bar...

bum bum sex ?


Woz then thought it only right to throw me into the mosh pit for old times sake... but due to absolutely no competition or effort from any of the goths we had to find something else to amuse ourselves while the drink slowly passed its way through our bodies....

But poor Duncs got stuck playin...


The tight squeeze brought some nasty effects onto the poor lad

I am the god of hell fire... and I give you... F I R E !

He then disappeared somewhere on the dance floor....


But he popped back out and scared poor Warren half to death...

Scary Mofo

Poor Warren then tripped and not missing a chance Todds gave him a little boot


With more booze in us we then felt it time to hail the foam god...

all hail..... DJ Fubar!!!

With Todds clear disgust at the K1 dance and lady situation we felt it time to move elsewhere.


Duncs then showed us poor Andy Roo's keys with Duncan pointing all blame in my poor direction.

hahahaha.. bless

Duncan then schemes to hatch a plan


too embrass some poor bint with a photo


Pity Warrne got in the way!

Keepin in with tradition Woz and Duncs gave cheer to some unsuspecting geezer in the corridor...


Woz then bumbed into a girl who told him that she was in fact pregnant, much too duncans shock! (possibly not Woz's as he is relatively care free)


We then leave to let them talk it over, and meet the rest of the lads....

Duncs then bumps into a stunning little brunette, who appears shy at first


But is then relaxes and acts normally...

Yeah the camera loves you baby!

We then pay some tribute to Todds fine gold shoes which my good self gave him for Christmas

nice shoes

But he wasnt very impressed


We then meet up with Andy again....

Some strange woman then comes to sit by us and chats about some shit


but the 'pregnant' woman comes back to pester us and informs us that she and Woz have been walkin round the shithouse and stealing peoples drinks (returning to my earlier point - THAT is how he got pissed of £8, he STOLE!) Take a look at the strange colour of the drink she had in her hand... hmm smirnoff ice my ass!

But we promplty told her too fuck off we didnt have a clue where he was...

Luckily she spotted him and left

But 'poor' Warren had been collared by her, presumeably he had deserted her.

Moments later we saw a guy blow chunks (marked to the side), who then proceeded to slump onto a bench


Only for us to get a picture from underneath him ;o)

poor fella.... HAHAHA

After becoming bored with the child like antics of the K2 we thought it only right to move back downstairs for a better crowd... en route we realised that last orders was but 10 minutes away so we made a desperate attempt to purchase some dance juice to last us the final hour before we were thrown out.... I shouldnt have bothered! Upon buying the drinks Biggs thought it would be funny to smash the shit out of my bottles with the bases of his, this resulted in broken glass ripping through my poor little finger:

But Biggs held no regrets and proceeded to laugh at my misfortune


With blood splurting everywhere we hit the dance floor, only to come across a very confidently dresses lady..

Not usual dress for a Thursday night, but why complain ? :o) Poor Todds then thought he was in with a chance but she merely laughed him off :o(

With not long to go and Big Lee joining our Dance Circle, he thought it would be good to start a mosh...

Things hotted up a little

But there was noone who could contend and most became petrified by this giant beast

and he ended the song with most of the dance floor to himself!

With one last trip to the toilet it was time to go


With that it was time to head off

Past the bar

And through the sit off area

Down the stairs and off!

Last stop at Pizza Prozac for some munch

Just leavin time to threaten a celtic fan before we caught a cab

Jump the taxi then home...


And thats it... what a night, hope to post some more stories and pics soon...

look out for some new videos on here in the next few weeks... I have a few gems :)