Throughout the years My friends and I have wasted many a Thursday evening in a dodgy Rock Club called 'The Krazy House' and until a few months ago actually did still live up to its name, that was until the new floor was added, but we wont go into all that! Anyways I think we should have some kind of appreciation to some of the best forgotten nights of our lives....... May even include some testimonials for some ex-pats of the Shit-House as its commnely referred to by its punters!

Duncs and Monts most recent drunken trip to the 'maison du merde' was typified by this pic....

hehehe theres only water in there ;oP

The night of Thursday 3rd January 2002 was to become the night of peril, starting off in the refurbished drinkin hole of the summer 'The Brookhouse' (formerly known as the 'Finch and Firkin'), we started at 8pm with a delightful mix of a pint of lager and steamboat for my good self and a pint and vodlemo for the duncster. It was clearly going to be one of those nights again starting in this fashion! 8:30 came with the arrival of Big Davey Wilts and it was time to move on into town to meet some of our fellow drinkin chums. The cheap booze and friendly old Slaters Bar was our next port of call to top up the alcohol level in our now depleted bloodstream due to the elongated taxi ride from smithdown (a stop off bar is needed next time). We arrived at the bar promplty at 9pm and soon had 3 bottles of stella in our hands with only £3.75 less in Duncs pocket, The others arrived soon after our first hearty sips and joined us in alcoholic matramony, alas not for long, as the bottles became decidely lighter and I convinced the other 2 to partake in a double steamboat and double bodlemo with a double steamboat for me goodself only stinging me for £4.80, we thirstily swallowed up the intoxicating mixtures over reminisces of days gone by with the fellow drinkers, our growing army of alcoholics moved onto the good old OneFour in search of a trusted liver killer - 4 vodbulls in a pint glass, used to be 80p for a vodbull, but when we arrived , SHOCK HORROR they didnt have any offers on!!!! For years we have enjoyed hangovers from cheap drinks and women in the OneFour only to find supsension of the places only attraction! Oh well we would have to find somewhere to spend our well scavved pennies. Daves round of 3 bottles of Stella left him little change from a ten pound note, so we quickly finished and ended the fond memories of necking sickly vodbulls by the pint :o(. Not to be let down we all rushed up Fleet Street to the recent expansion of the Walkabout Aussie Bar bringing with us the famous Radio Roo and ironically his Aussie cousin Tom! We marched up to the already busy bar to deliberate over the British brand alcopops and overpriced British Beer (as much as we love the delights of Ice Cold Stella on our panting taste buds) but were swayed by the inviting 2 for 1 offer on Aussie brand pop! I paid my £2.90 and received 2 seedy brown bottles of Hahn Lager (Australia's top lager according to Tom!) , Big Duncs also joined in a bottle of Hahn and we were quietly impressed with the quality of this ice cold beverage. We spent a some time in here soaking up the alcohol from the beer and the music vibrating our eardrums, a fine blend of new and classic 'poppy' tunes from the 80's to present day Kylie Minogue ;oÞ. With the bottles in our hands empty it was time for us to step up the pace, but before leaving I asked the barman for an empty pint glass (to be used later) and we paced on across concert square and down the spookily quiet Wood Street to our favourite haunt 'The Krazy House', but Duncs and I left the crowd entering the house to scoot on down memory lane for some tequila slammin', washed down by some apple sourz and luckily joined by two tasty ladies and their 4 friends to our delight (just to mention I had to play Terrorvisions Tequila whilst writing this!). It had just passed 10.30pm and was time for us to to enter the house with 'rooms that are loud' (according to Todd's Law of Simplicity). We duely paid our 3 pounds and gained entrance for a night of fun and frolics. Pounding up the noisy red metal stairs enthuisiastically we made our way through ther 'sit-off' area up to the bar where I quickly took a right and pissed up the wall whilst Duncs took a left and negotiated with the Barmaid for some drinks, he was handed 2 bottles of stella, 2 smirnoff ice and a double vodka, interesting mix I hear u say for 2 people, but this is were the pint glass comes in (remember from walkabouts :o>). Half the vodka is poured into the empty pint glass, next the smi-ice is poured in and finally topped up with the stella, a mixture which looks a decidedly cloudy light brown colour, but it doesnt stay long and is necked in 2 gulps from Duncs, above procedure repeated for myself although in 3 gulps (got some wind midway through ;P). Aghhhhhh it was great to be back here !!! :) We moved on up to drop the coats in for a shocking £1.20 took the pink and raffle ticket and headed over to the others hovering round the retro Arcade Machines, including The Crystal Maze Adventure Game, bust a move, tekken and Sega Rally (OK so they arent THAT retro but they are still classics). The rest of the evening invovled more alcohol and bouncin to the brilliant music that makes the Krazy House, nothin compares to the elation that 'Jump Around' brings to the faces of all the dwellers on the Tar Covered dancefloor which leaves an unforgettable reminder of your night all over your shoes and the bottom of ur pants! More headbanging to 'Breakstuff' from old skool style Limp Bizkit and severe moshing to the infamous Smells Like Teen Spirit from the mighty Nirvana (and yes I am playing that as we speak) to some of the newer and brilliant rock bands which capture the interest of the new hoody wearing youngsters to the regular's to the house which makes the atmosphere what it was! Unfortunately most of the rest of the evening was somewhat of blur with gaps to the bar and the newly imported photo booth which me and Duncs fell into late on in the night/morning. We lasted til 3 when we were cast out into the cold January Air to stagger upto the fast food outlets on the way to the taxi way to end an enjoyable evening!


Friday 25th January was the next memorable visit to the delightful shithouse, this time the place was invaded by the Otterspool Staff, to be the last night out where they would be my colleagues as I was to rip myself away from 'le pub du frottage'. It was the return of the great 'Hippy twat', a good friend from the Otterspool whom I have known for 4 years now, but he has recently returned from a tour round Australia, where he spent the last few months, and on Christmas day he passed on the Christmas Roast and the Queens Speech for Surfing in the sun on Bondai Beach (its a tough one I know). Anyways we all met up, enjoyed a few aperitif's in the usual pre-shithouse routine, swopping walkabouts this week for Jakaranda bar. Once inside the night was ours, the blood-alcohol levels hit epid proportions and I bumbed into some girls around the photo booth and left with photographic evidence.

Ermmmm yes

As you can see, the backdrop for the image was clearly not by myself, I may have stole the pic or allowed them to choose the pattern, Its only god that could tell us now.........

The Liddell Man and myself partook in yet more alcohol tasting, as our bloodstreams were still saturating the alcohol, this would have to change, time to take a pic to sum up the evening...... Adam had drank too much and I could still see so why stop?!?

No I am not weird. I must be pissed?

I think the poor boy left soon after as he wasn't really up to the standing game. Anyways I decided to strut some of my silky moves on the dancefloor and challange the Watmough boy to drinking races.....hehehehe bless him (btw he is a ringer for Steven Gerrard - will get a pic). More strutting followed between the Otters Ladies and the Mont-ster, then some how I ended up with a new T-shirt on in the next picture with Graham and his little Misus.


Notice the blue stain to my tongue? Why you ask? Yes its from drinking races involving blue WKD, its the easiest on the gut to down! The end grew nigh so I took one last pic to sum upp my evening:

hehehe dont i look good


Time for a shithouse update as its been a long time coming, most recent visits have become quite unclear and blurry, but here are a few pics to decipher:


Its Radio Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Wakey Wakey

Ok the first in a story about Mr Wozza and his narcalepsy. As many of you do and dont know, Warren, after being run over a few times now suffers from Narcalepsy which is damage to the brain causing him to pass-out or for asleep. He usually does it in the most bizarre places which leads us to believe that he isnt joking! Here we see him asleep in the Krazy of Houses so we thought we would all wake him up with a lovely group shot ( notice the pain on his poor face )


Here we invite some random stranger to pose next to him, all in the name of fun!


Andy Roo goes for the rape approach in this shot believing Warren to be in a passed out state makes an easy target.

Look at those fine piano keys!

Must have been earlier in the night this one!

Here is Duncs and my fine self posing for the camera (again I hear) but you cant get eniugh of us really can you ? ;)